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At The Local Farmer, we see a greener tomorrow with sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming initiatives. We see a world in which even those with a slightly less green thumb can nurture beautiful, tasty, fresh, and healthy produce. 

Company Overview

The Local Farmer initiative is purposefully meant to facilitate environmentally-friendly, sustainable urban farming by combining modern technology with traditional farming to produce something new, exciting, and innovative!

We’re reinventing farming by making it accessible to everyone – regardless of spatial constraints and limitations on sufficient outdoor growing spaces. We aim to enable local urban farmers with the means of earning an additional income by selling their fresh produce to restaurants, commercial kitchens, and schools – on top of having an abundant supply to use in their own homes!
Tiny, but mighty! Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables that are harvested within two weeks of germination. They are super packed with nutrition, adding concentrated wallop of flavour along with visual flair.Because they require much less space to grow and go from seed to harvested crop in such a short time, they can be grown just about anywhere.
The humble fungi has often been overlooked and relegated to merely being considered a tasty treat but as we discover more and more about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of plant life on our planet mushrooms, are beginning to take centre stage.

What we do

Grow your own produce, grow your own income by becoming a Local farmer through our proven franchise solution. By choosing our franchise solution, we eliminate the challenges of urban farming by providing an automated machine and the best growing apparatus from day one.

As a business who deals with large quantities of produce The local Farmer offers two solutions to fit our customers needs, whether you want to grow yourself or purchase in bulk, we have got you covered. We offer a restaurant ready machine for self growing and display purposes. Our head office team is equipped to harvest and supply in bulk for each customer.

We do it all and a little more, our grow team at head office grows produce daily to supply orders via our eCommerce website. Our retail solution caters for mass production and allows for a wider selection for our customer base to choose from.

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Grow your own produce. Grow your own income.

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